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Building Products

Yuleba Minerals supply a range of building sands and aggregates to the building and construction industry. In addition to bulk products a variety of specialist products are available;

Stencil Pave – which is a base polymer modified render of highly graded very fine sand and white cement. Products can be made to suit your application.

LightCrete – a premix light weight concrete blend that can be mixed and poured in situ.

HeatCrete – a heatproof premix concrete which provides a high thermal resistance and is an ideal thermal barrier that can be mixed and poured in situ.

FlexCete – is an engineered concrete composite (ECC). It is the first concrete product to retain high compressive & flexural qualities, yes it’s bendable.

Manufactured or natural sand? what’s the difference ? manufactured sand are crushed from either rock or waste building materials such as concrete, brick or similar materials. A natural sand however is made naturally over thousands of years by wind, rain and geological forces the result is a smooth or rounded sand with consistent mineral properties. Manufactured sand on the other hand have sharp and jaggered edges from the crushing process a manufactured sand mineral properties are usually not consistent because the raw materials have come from different sources.

Like all things deciding what’s best depends on the application manufactured sand is effectively recycled materials and can often be manufactured close to where it going to be used and thus becomes a very cost effective solution particularly as our cities get larger and our natural sand resources become more remote. On the other hand a natural sand provides generally consistent properties which are required in decorative finishes and specialised applications and while generally manufactured sand is ideal for re-use in concrete, motor and renders even in these applications a natural sand has some advantages. The rounded properties of a natural sand means it is more easily pumped than a manufactured sand. Renders motors and concretes that need to be pumped long distances or to high rise buildings can be pumped further and higher when the mix contains natural sands and aggregates.

Yuleba Minerals glacial deposit between Roma and Chinchilla in the Surat basin is an example of a naturally occurring sand and aggregate resource.

Like everything sand isn’t just sand.