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Filtration Sands

Yuleba Filter Sand and Gravel is a naturally occurring, river washed, glacier deposit product. Our filtration sands have a very high silica content and a low soluble calcium, manganese and iron content ensuring our product meets AWWA-B100-89 (American Water & Wastewater Association) and BEWA: P.18.93 (British Water Standard) specifications. Precision sizing and uniform grading to close limits meet the rigid specifications of water authorities throughout the world.

The Yuleba silica deposit yields single crystal sands which are highly spherical in shape thus providing a very uniform size filtration medium. The spherical shape improves the flow and promotes even flow distribution across the filter bed. Yuleba Minerals sperical single crystalline sands are rated as one of the most durable sands in the Asian Pacific region.

Yuleba Minerals filter sands are washed dried and graded to exacting standards allowing us to offer a range of filtration mediums in 20 Kg, 40Kg and 1-2T Bulka Bags as well as being able to meet any specialised grading or packaging requirements.

Being low in soluble impurities our filter sands maintain the quality of the treated water, especially in softeners.