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Mining Operations

pic_miningUtilising a 45 tone excavator and tippers as the prime mining tools Yuleba Minerals eliminate the need for explosives whilst selectively winning high yielding coarse silica sands while effectively removing and replacing topsoil and overburden

Raw material is then processed in Yuleba Minerals custom designed computer controlled sand beneficiation plant. This plant liberates the high grade silica from the kaolin clays in the deposit. Primary grading is carried out through a series of screens and cyclones. The plant operates in a closed loop cleaning and recycling its water.

Depending on customer requirements further processing of the sand can be carried out through a variety of proprietary sand washing and scrubber systems.

A gas fired rotary kiln is used to remove moisture from the product. Once dried the product is further screened allowing the product to meet the tightest specifications. While some products may eventually be used in wet systems the dried product allows more accurate screening and ensures that our customers are only charged for the dry sand weight.