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Yuleba Minerals produces concrete sand and road base at a small quarry just off the Warrego highway 60km east of Roma QLD and 80km west of the Miles township. Located in the Surat basin the Yuleba quarry services the surrounding townships of Roma, Chinchilla, St George, Wandoan and as far East as Dalby with its general quarry products such as sand, gravel aggregate and road base. The Yuleba resource is a glacial deposit of high quality silica sand and decorative stone aggregates the quarry draws its workforce from the nearby towns of Roma, Miles, Chinchilla, Wandoan and St George. The Yuleba sands are used by concrete batching plants from Roma to Chinchilla, north to Wandoan and South to St George. The quarries stone and aggregates have a gemstone look and are used widely across South East Queensland being stocked in Toowoomba, Roma, Miles, St George and even Brisbane. The quarry is approved by main roads Queensland and produces a range of road base materials from CBR15 to CBR40 more recently the quarry has produced a thermal bedding sand for use on power infrastructure projects where the thermal sand is used to bury underground electric power cables around Roma, Chinchilla and Dalby.

While the Yuleba Minerals quarry produces the typical quarry products of sand, gravel, aggregates and road base the high quality silica resource allows the manufacture of several unique products. The Yuleba quarry is fitted with a rotary dryer which allows for tight control over product sizes allowing products such as filtration sand, shot crete, ready mix concrete, rapid set concrete, thermal sand and frac sand. These products are not only used in the Surat basin but they are used throughout the east coast of Australia particularly in mining centres like the Hunter Valley, Ulan, Mudgee, Lithgow, Emerald and the Bowen Basin.

The filter sands are used by water utility’s for water treatment plants throughout Queensland and NSW. The Yuleba Minerals sand high silica content a spherical shape make the sand ideal for shot crete which is packaged and sold throughout the Bowen basin, Hunter Valley and Lithgow areas the brand names Rapid Road, SP2, SP3 and SP4 are widely known throughout the mining industry and are used for road repairs, stoppings and general mining applications. Being a spherical natural sand the shot crete can be pumped longer distances and doesn’t cause as much wear to the shot crete equipment.

The structural integrity of the sand also allows it to be used as a hydraulic fracture sand meeting the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute’s API56 Hydraulic Frac Sand standard allow the servicing of the local oil and gas fields around Roma, Wandoan, Miles, St George, Chinchilla but also the gas fields in NSW and the Bowen basin. Yuleba frac sand is manufactured to the highest standards and can well exceed API56 a unique patented process allows Yuleba to beneficiate the sand producing frac sands across the entire range.

Yuleba also produce grind media for use in ultrafine grinding process found at many mines throughout Australia, again the spherical nature of the sand, the high silica content make the sand ideal for the ultrafine grinding processes used by Glencore, BHP, Century, Xstrata, Newmont, Barrick Gold etc. Recently Yuleba has been able to improve the grind media through its beneficiation process. This process further rounds the sand particles making them more like a manufactured ceramic grind media.